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100 sqm Beach Front Lots - Playa Kuká - Río Lagartos, Yucatan

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Property ID: 135
Pueblo Rio Lagartos

$3,250,000 MN

Vacation Land - Sale

Río Lagartos, Yucatán

Beach lots for sale with 100 meters beachfront and an average area of ​​+ / - 4 hectares near Rio Lagartos, Yucatan. Currently available up to 10 lots together, that is 100 meters to 1 kilometer.

The price, as is customary in Yucatan, is $ 2,500.00 US dollars per linear meter of beach, including everything having background. Calculating, 100 linear meters of beach times the price per square meter times 357 meters of average depth, results in an average price of $ 7 US dollars per square meter.
- A part of the property and was divided into lots of cadastral 100m of beachfront around her depth until reaching the swamp, which makes a good land size of 4 hectares.

- The property is located two hours and fifteen minutes away from the city of Merida.
- The name "Playa Kuka" comes from the name of a palmtree which is endemic to the region.
- The property is protected and continuously monitored by rangers of the Biosphere Reserve of Ria Lagartos. This prevents intruders and invaders, besides providing additional security to the property.
- The minimum lot to build a residence is 100 meters of beach front and at least one hectare of land, which is widely surpassed by the current batch in Playa Kuka.
- For every hectare of land provided it can be built 100 sqm. of construction.
- It is private property duly registered in the RPP and the State Cadastre, has everything required to provide legal certainty to investors. In case of need, the title can be secured with Stewart Title to support the purchase and sale.

- Currently several lots have been sold and a house has already been built. There are also plans for a pair of green hotels as well.

- 700 meters of beachfront have been sold for the establishment of an ecotourism hotel that will encourage more people to come to visit this destination.

- The capital gain anticipated by these beach properties is very attractive because it is virtually untouched, are now it's having internationally promotion.

Land Area: 4 ha
Wide Measure: 100 m
Deep Measure: 386 m
Land type:




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