The Yucatan features all the benefits of a large city with the magic of a small town. Merida is centrally located with a highly efficient transportation system in place to reach any of the beautiful destinations.

Progreso, the main beach and seaport, is only a 30 minute drive along a highway from Merida; Cancun and the Riviera Maya are just 3 hours away.

The Yucatan along the Flamingo coast in particular offers a unique set of features. This area developed as a beachfront summer residence for the citizens of Merida, is not a tourist destination like Cancun or the Mayan Riviera. This region shares few similarities with Playa del Carmen, Tulúm or Cancun though, without paying inflated prices for everything.

You can enjoy the same type of lifestyle in the Yucatan as you do back home with all the added benefits of living in a tropical paradise. There is a rich cultural heritage, excellent beaches, outstanding natural beauty and a friendly local population.

The climate in the Yucatan, its geographical location, low cost of living, culture, natural beauty and high quality of life are greatly appreciated and make it a very attractive and desirable area to live.

Mérida, meanwhile, is gaining a reputation as a hot spot for national and international investors. With a culturally rich historic district and a modern north side of the city, there is something for every one.

Living in or moving to Mérida is really exciting, whether one wants to live life in a thriving vibrant central environment, seek a more secluded life of beach, tennis or golf or be an active member of the community, all is possible. Mérida is the best place to reinvent oneself.

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of North Americans who recognize the unique qualities of the Yucatan and are choosing to buy rather than rent properties for both investment and retirement purposes.

Mérida offers a safe living environment and a high standard of living, all at reasonable prices. Combined with comparable levels of service and access to foreign products and franchises, North Americans and Europeans quickly feel at home.

Regarding health services, Merida has doctors in different specialties and they are easily accessible in reputable hospitals.



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