The Emerald Coast

Yucatan is an excepcional state, rich in natural treasures and possessing an unmatched coastline stretching 378 km from Celestun to Rio Lagartos, bathed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The white sands and tranquility are additional rewards for those looking for sun, palms and sea. Visitors enjoy the warm climate and wonderful beaches by the blue-green sea, as well as savor the superb dishes prepared from the catch of the day. Here you can experience the warmth and color of the tropics, revered by the ancient Maya who, according to legend, were great navigator and lovers of the sea.



Entrance port to the State of Yucatan, Progreso is unbeatable for its variety of water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking. Here you can take a stroll along the seafront, enjoy the breeze and savor the delicious regional food served in the many restaurants which line the seawalk.  Today a number of cruiselines disembark here, bringing countless passengers from all over the world who enjoy not only the charm and exquisite flavor of the historic port, but also the peacefulness and warmth of its people. From here you can visit anywhere in the state on tourist routes designed for day-trippers. For those who prefer an overnight stay, there are picturesque hotels with a sea view, some of which conserve the Art Deco style of the beginning of the last century. Impeccably positioned in the Peninsula of Yucatan and with an efficient tourist infrastructure,  Progreso is the state´s most important port. 



A small corner of the Yucatan coast with serene, transparent water, Telchac is the ideal place for a variety of water sports and a well-earned rest. Take a pleasant walk around the quaint square, or along the promenade to the lighthouse. Close by is the beautiful Laguna Rosada (pink lagoon), home to migrating birds, and Uaymitun, a refuge for the fabulous pink flamingo. 



A legendary port for coastal navigation, almost all the heneken produced in the state at the beginning of the XIX century was exported from here. The sun sheds its warm smile on the beaches and, of course, the exotic natural scenery. Beautiful migratory birds like the Canadian duck arrive punctually every year in search of the peaceful waters of Sisal. Also worth a visit are the fortifications built by the port guardians to protect against raiding pirates. A visit to the Yucatecan coast will definitely surprise and spoil you with its charms: bask in the refreshing air and transparent waters, delight in the delicious lobster, conch, octopus or shrimp… or to put it simply: just relax.

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